Your employment contract

If you are placed in a job through abflexkracht, then we are your employer. This means that it is with us that you sign your work contract. You will be given good terms and conditions of employment, active guidance in work, and where necessary, training by us. You will be advised by an experienced abflexkracht personnel coordinator, who will also serve as your personal point of contact with us. This person will remain your contact within abflexkracht for as long as you stay with us.

After all, you can expect us to keep taking an interest in your progress!

Collective Labour Agreement

Dutch law expects each economic sector to conclude a collective labour agreement annually. The agreement covering job agency staff is known as the CAO voor Uitzendkrachten and it sets out all your entitlements and duties. This agreement applies to your employment contract and to matters such as the arrangements for your holidays and leave. You can find the text of the CAO voor Uitzendkrachten on several websites, including the ABU website. For the complete text of the CAO voor Uitzendkrachten 2012-2017, please go to:


If you start work with abflexkracht you will be given exclusive access to your own online portal on our website. This online environment contains personal data and is only accessible using your personal login and password. You can log in here at any time of day or night. The portal allows you to do tasks such as enter your hours worked, and to view or download your payslip. You can also find lots of important information through this portal, including the abflexkracht safety manual; an extensive guide to working at abflexkracht; a wide range of application forms; brochures; a contact card of key phone numbers; and news updates.