Who we are

Abflexkracht (formerly AB Midden Holland) started out as a cooperative. Many of our clients are members of the cooperative. Together, the abflexkracht cooperative and its subsidiaries account for over €21 million in annual turnover. Over the past few decades, abflexkracht has burgeoned into a recognised name in the Dutch labour market. For more than 40 years now, we have been reliably and successfully filling vacancies in Dutch horticulture, agriculture and planting services (‘green supplies’), as well as in related industries such as Industry & Production, Logistics, and Technology & Maintenance.

So whatever kind of job you’re after, you’ll have plenty of opportunity with abflexkracht!

Where we’re based

Afbeelding: Haarlemmermeer Googlemaps

Our head office is at Rijsenhout in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Haarlemmermeer is a large municipality with no fewer than 26 villages and urban centres within it. It’s centrally located within the Netherlands, between Amsterdam and The Hague. More than 145,000 people live in the municipality.