Building up security

The longer you work through abflexkracht, the more job security you build up. After a certain period, you are entitled to pension payments. This is thanks to Dutch legislation and regulations including the Law on Flexibility and Security (Wet flexibiliteit en zekerheid), our industry’s Collective Labour Agreement (CAO voor Uitzendkrachten), and the WAADI provisions. Our CAO, regulated by the ABU, sets out a phased system of job security: the further down the line you are in working for us, the more rights you accrue, meaning your working relationship with abflexkracht takes on a more and more defined character. There are three phases in this system of increasing security.

Phase A Phase B Phase C
78 weeks worked 2 years and/or 8 contracts Indefinite period


For a comprehensive explanation of the phased system, as agreed in Article 13 of the CAO voor Uitzendkrachten 2012-2017, please go to:

How much you will be paid

The amount you will be earning - your salary, or gross hourly pay (bruto-uurloon) - depends on several factors. The CAO voor Uitzendkrachten is the key document that sets your pay rate.
A number of other matters are significant too:

  • the level of responsibility in your job,
  • your qualifications,
  • your experience,
  • whether you have a managerial function.


Each period, a pay notification will be uploaded for you at the abflexkracht web portal. It will contain a number of details, including an overview of the number of days you worked, your gross and net salary, tax withheld, and wage deductions credit. Abflexkracht will take care of the withholding of your income tax (loonbelasting) for the government and your contributions to national insurance (volksverzekering) and employee insurance (werknemersverzekering).

For a comprehensive explanation of the salary scales as agreed in Article 22 of the CAO voor Uitzendkrachten 2012-2017, please go to:

Your salary is always net

We will pay your salary weekly to your bank account. You will receive the pay after the client for whom you are working has approved the timesheet you submitted. Once this is approved, the money will be paid into your account within two weeks. You might be entitled to a supplement on top of your hourly rate if you are doing overtime, have irregular working hours or are on shifts.