Your safety is top priority

It is extremely important to us that your working environment is safe and well-managed. We ensure that this is so by following the provisions of the Dutch law on conditions at work, the Arbeidsomstandighedenwet. We will brief you in advance of any job on the risks that the work involves, and the measures in place to manage those risks. Abflexkracht maintains its own safety handbook, which you can refer to at any time via the web portal. You will also be given a pair of work boots free of charge by abflexkracht before you start. Please do always wear these at work to avoid possible foot injury.


With abflexkracht you always have a nominated one-to-one Personnel Coordinator to help you start out on your first day at work. You can send us your queries 24/7 by e-mailing and there is also a nominated time at which you can phone us in Dutch, English or Polish with any questions about your work. Your nominated Personnel Coordinator will also regularly come to your workplace to see you.

Trilingual communications

At abflexkracht, all communications are trilingual in:

  • Dutch,
  • English
  • Polish.

Many of our staff speak these languages fluently. Also, all our brochures and our official documentation, such as employment contract, can be provided in any of these three languages - which ensures that you understand everything!

Obligatory health insurance

In the Netherlands, the law requires all workers to take out health insurance. Abflexkracht has arranged collective coverage with an insurer, allowing us to offer you reductions on your health insurance premiums. If you wish to use that scheme, abflexkracht can enrol you in it.

Accommodation and/or transport

Our preference is that people coming from abroad to work with abflexkracht should find their own Dutch accommodation and provide their own transport to and from work. But where necessary, abflexkracht can provide a bed for you in one of the apartments it owns. All abflexkracht apartments are fully furnished, meet all the safety requirements and all boast the widely-recognised FlexHome certification. You will pay a fixed weekly sum for accommodation in an abflexkracht apartment; this sum will be deducted from your salary. Where necessary, abflexkracht will arrange transport to and from work for any employee. If the distance is less than 10 km, we will make a quality abflexkracht bicycle available to you. If you live further than that from your place of work, an abflexkracht company car will be made available to you. Any payments you have to make for accommodation will be very clearly stated in your employment contract, so that you know in advance how much will be deducted from your pay.