Saturday 5 April 2014 Kom in de Kas (visit a greenhouse)!

Another few weeks and the 37st edition of Kom in de Kas will take place. We are looking forward to it! Kom in de Kas is the only public event of the glasshouse horticultural nationwide. Polls show that 45 percent of the visitors, after visiting Kom in de Kas, have developed a more positive vision of the Dutch glasshouse horticultural industry.

And this year too, abflexkracht is happy make a contribution! We sponsor Kom in de Kas in various regions this year with an fixed amount. Moreover, enthusiastic abflexkracht natural talents will distribute large green balloons to children on various locations. On Saturday 5 April 2014 you will be able to meet abflexkracht on the following locations:

De Ronde Venen
Kwekerij Vlasman BV
Oosterlandweg 31 b, MIJDRECHT

Nieuwveens Jaagpad 91, Nieuwveen

Kwekerij P. van Delft
Trappenberglaan 69, Rijnsburg

Abflexkracht is active in the agricultural industry for over 40 years, “Green” is our domain originally! Meanwhile, abflexkracht is active is many different industries but the agricultural industry remains to be our passions and first priority. That is why it’s so self-evident that we support Kom in de Kas.

We wish you a good Kom in de Kas and, who knows, see you on 5 April 2014! More information (in Dutch!) can befounbd on