Joining abflexkracht

You can join abflexkracht via our website. The best way to start is to apply for a particular job vacancy to which you are well suited. Our vacancies are advertised on our website and are fed through to our intermediary offices across the EU. You can also contact us directly with an open application - a good way of getting in touch if, for instance, you are already here in the Netherlands or if you have previously worked for abflexkracht.

To make an open application via our website, please go to THIS PAGE to fill in the online form and upload your CV.

We never charge for enrolment!

Abflexkracht never asks its staff for an enrolment fee! Sadly, there are people out there falsely quoting our name and our job vacancies. These people are touting work in the Netherlands and demanding enrolment fees. That is fraud.

Enrolled...what now?

This applies if you enrolled with us via one of our intermediaries in an EU country. At such time as we have a match between you and a suitable job, you will be contacted directly by the staff of that intermediary. This contact might be by e-mail or phone. It might often be the case that they invite you to come back to their office for a supplementary interview at this stage. If you take the job on offer, the intermediary will notify abflexkracht of this via our web portal, so that we know you’re on your way! A date and time will be agreed for you to come to the abflexkracht office in Rijsenhout in the Netherlands. You can either make your own way to the Netherlands or, for a fee, the intermediary can arrange a coach journey for you - ask them directly about this option. Once you are at the abflexkracht office, we will officially register you and draw up your employment contract. You will also be given your personal login and password for the abflexkracht web portal. We will also provide you with work boots, among other things. Then, one of our Personnel Coordinators will take you to the client you will be working for. He or she will introduce you to the people there and help you get started.