If you are able to come and work for abflexkracht, it is vital that you arrive in the Netherlands properly prepared. Make sure you go through the checklist below!
The personal details we will need from you are:

  • Your full name, address and phone number including country code (this is +31 for a Dutch phone number, +48 for a Polish number, etc.)
  • A valid passport or national ID card (with validity of at least another 3 months). A damaged document is not a valid document! A non-Dutch driving licence is not accepted in the Netherlands as proof of identity. But do bring your driving licence with you, as you will need it if you have to drive an abflexkracht company car.
  • A bank account number. It is sensible to bring a printed account statement with you so that you can be sure no mistake is made in which account your salary is paid into. We need the international form of your bank account number (the IBAN number) and the SWIFT code!
  • Very important: bring your bank card with you and make very sure you have enough cash in hand or in your account for the first couple of weeks you are in the Netherlands. abflexkracht does not pay advances.
  • Write us a brief CV giving us your work history. Where have you worked in your life? What kind of work did you do? When, and for how long, was each job?
  • On this brief CV, specify all the education and training you have had, and list all the diplomas and certificates you have been awarded. Always bring a copy of each of these diplomas and/or certificates to the Netherlands with you.